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I maxed out the number of followup posts to my previous thread, so I couldn't post a follow-up there regarding the red grommet on the back of my whirlpool side by side freezer/fridge (ED5RHGXMQ00). I'm posting this new question, as you suggest, so you will have something to reply to regarding your research on the grommet. I pasted my previous questions and your responses below.

Thank you so much for all of the time you have put into helping me with this.


Expert:   Eric Campion
Subject:   Frozen ice maker
Question:   QUESTION: Eric:

I tried to ask a third follow up question regarding the ice blockage on the ice maker on my whirlpool fridge/freezer, but the site would not let me do so. I attempted your suggestion of removing the water line at the valve below and blowing through it while heating the frozen area with a hair dryer. Unfortunately, I was not able to remove the water line from the valve below. I did try removing it at the top and blowing warm air from the hair dryer into the opening, but that did not work. I also tried this from inside the freezer, but to no avail.

Are there any other options for me to try at this point? I do recall that several weeks ago, before the ice issue, I did change the water filter. However, the filter seems to be working fine, at least as to the water dispenser.

Thanks for all of your assistance.


ANSWER: Just what I suggested.....If calling me out to repair your unit I would have to unblock the ice maker fill tube. Going from the inside is the best bet.....be very careful not to melt any plastic in the freezer section.  Once done, all should be well.....


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thank you again for your help. I was able to remove a part of the ice maker and reach the ice with a hair dryer, and ultimately melt the blockage. However, in the course of my earlier efforts, I removed the supply tube from the back of the freezer (images attached), and unintentionally removed the red grommet that holds the tube in place. One of the four tines on the grommet broke. I was able to reinsert the grommet and the tube, and it does not appear to leak when the ice maker fills with water, but I am concerned that it may leak in the future given the damage to the grommet. I could not find this grommet on any parts diagram for this model (ED5RHGXMQ00). I called Whirlpool directly, and they informed my that this is because the part is not available for purchase.

If I cannot replace this grommet, can you recommend any other solution to make sure that the opening remains sealed around the tube?

Also, I have not noticed a recurrence of the ice blockage, but if I do, is the next step replacing the inlet valve?

Thank you again for all of your assistance.

Image: freezer-tube
Image: freezer-connected

ANSWER:  Sorry....I was on vacation from December 20th until today January 6th.  Do you still need help with this unit as below?  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Yes, my only remaining question pertains to replacing the red grommet shown in the pictures above and describe in my previous message. Whirlpool says I can't get this part. When I removed the supply tube initially, I damages the grommet. It was able to reinsert it and it is not leaking yet, but I fear it may. If I can't get a replacement grommet, is there another method to make sure the tube is sealed in place so it doesn't leak?

Still no recurrence on the ice-blockage, so thank you for your advice. I will assume it was just an anomaly. If it does recur, and I correct that the next step would be replacing the inlet valve?

Thanks again,

Answer:   Just getting back from vacation I am extremely busy with service calls.  I will do some research on this for you and see if I can come up with a viable solution that will work in your application.  There are a few things you can do but first, let me see if I have one of these in one of my units at the other building.  It is 5 degrees and the other building is not heated.  This weekend it will be 50 here.  Reply to this so I have a ;new thread to respond with the result I come up with.  Thanks for your patience....   Eric
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We did check the other building and there is nothing up there that will work correctly in your application.  At this point, you can purchase a 1/4 inch union and tubing for refrigerator ice maker water line and then remove your old one.  and install this one using a sytro foam as insulation and then finally tape.  Or, if you think you got a good seal already, simply purchase a tube of GE 100% silicone and put that around the areas where the tubing enters the union now.  If in the future, you can always do it the way I suggested above.   Good Luck, Eric

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