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We have a Lennox G61V 110,000 BTU gas furnace and air conditioning system, installed in 2007. Runs great.  However, whenever the power goes out, whether in heat or AC mode, the furnace won't turn back on when the power returns.  To get the furnace/AC going, I have to go to the breaker panel, turn the power off, then turn it back on.  Sometimes I have to do it a few times before the system turns on.  It has always turned on after doing this, but I am concerned that this is indicative of a larger issue or impending breakdown.  Thanks in advance.


How long has it been doing this ,only recently ? If your t-stat has batteries try replacing them or removing them. You do not need batteries if you have the C terminal ( common ) hooked to your stat and to the furnace C. I personally do not like systems that use battery power minus the common wire not hooked up. If your system does not have a common hooked to the stat and you have an extra wire on the t-stat wire bundle hook it up at the furnace C terminal and C of the t-stat. leave the batteries out. If your handy with a meter ,when this happens again, before you reset the breaker, check to make sure you have 24 volts ac at terminal R to C at the furnace low voltage wire hook up. Needs to be 24-26 volts ac. Not 22 volts. If you have that voltage then get a jumper wire and jump R to G at the furnace , your blower fan should start, if so then jumper R to W for heat, then R to Y for cool , if everything starts , then you have issues with the t-stat. If nothing starts you may haves a defective control board. Did you notice any codes or blinking lights on the board while you were trying to get the unit to restart ?  Sometimes the polarity needs to be changed ( That is one fault ) I find it odd that when you lose power you have to reset the breaker to restart it. What would be the difference if you manually turned off the breaker to the furnace for 15 min. And then turned it back on, would you not get the same problem ?  

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