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My forced hot air gas furnace recently stopped working right. It would heat to the programmed temperature and shut off but when temp went down it would not turn on again. I could here the click but no heat.
Got Hvac company to come look. Said the "inducement motor bearings were not spinning, had worn out and I needed new motor". He could get heat to work by spinning thing manually for your information. Cost of motor and labor  would be about $750 plus the $300 for the service call (off hours Saturday visit, very cold out)

OK, now my brother in law who is mechanical engineer took a look and sprayed some wd40 lubricant on bearings and now motor spins easily.
He said they were not stripped just stuck and needed lubricant and now my heat works fine. He said motor looks good

I do not know what to think. The HVAC person never mentioned lubricant and said the bearings were shot, no good.

What do you think. Was he trying to fool me to get more business or is my motor going to break next week.
I am surprised my brother in law fixed it so quickly by trying something never mentioned by HVAC person

Thank You for your help

Hi David,

From what you tell me, I would expect the inducer motor to fail again. It might last a week or maybe through the rest of the winter. I would be proative and have it replaced. Do not call that company back out. They are trying to rip you off. I find it hard to believe he could spin the motor fast enough to make it work.

I would call around to maybe two other companies and ask them for a quote over the phone to replace it. If they won't give you a quote then call another company. Have the brand name and model# of your furnace ready.

I would charge between $450 and $550 depending on the cost of the motor.

Let me know what happens.

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