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QUESTION: Sub Zero Model 532.   A technician diagnosed Freezer Compressor failure. Symptoms:  Hot compressor and freezer not cooling.  Diagnosis was determined by gauges when freezer was turned on.  Gauge readings: Red gauge points to 7 o'clock position, blue gauge points to 11 o'clock position.  (Sorry, don't have the real numbers.)

I assume there is nothing else to check but - are gauges definitive when compressor is diagnoised as failed or, should something else be looked at?

If gauges are definitive, is $1,400.00 to replace compressor outrageously high or, is that the usual cost for compressor replacement?

ANSWER: I cannot tell by the position of the gauges as there are many different gauges out there.....A lack of freon, a restriction or a bad compressor could cause the problem you are experiencing.  I would say you can get the compressor for anywhere between 250 and 400....  The rest is labor....  SubZero has tightened their belts and now only have 6 distributors across the United States and part availability is limited to in stock items at other distributors.  Once gone they cannot order anymore subzero parts....1400 is a lot of money.  What state/city do you live in?

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QUESTION: Thanks for your response. I am in Los Angeles, CA.  I recall the technician saying the gauge readings indicated the compressor was not doing its job by creating the proper high pressure side and low pressure side.  I asked if there could be any other cause for the problem besides the compressor - he said "No, the compressor is problem."  I assume there is Freon in the system or the gauges would be at -0-.  I believe the compressor is the Embraco EM65NR.

ANSWER: Another part number is 7014067 for the compressor if interested.   Might call around to other companies to see what they would charge to install a compressor on your model.....  Best price takes it......     Eric

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QUESTION: I assume, based on my description of the problem, you agree with the diagnosis of a failed compressor.  How many hours is reasonable for a tech to remove/replace/recharge?  Thanks.

No....I do not agree with his diagnosis....Not without actually being there and testing myself.  I am going on your discription that the gauges were both at zero.  Gauges could have been bad or not really screwed on all the way.  1.5 hours in home should take care of it if compressor is replaced.....      Good Luck, Eric

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