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QUESTION: Hello, my husband and I recently purchased a brand new house-built this past year. We have only lived there for 2-3 months and our electric bills have been well over $200. With our electric company, with each bill it shows where most energy is going-and its to heat. There is a complete significant difference in temperature between upstairs and downstairs. We first closed all the vents upstairs and left that thermostat OFF. We only kept the thermostat on downstairs set to 69 degrees-hoping with the vents closed upstairs it would force more heat downstairs. You can feel the temperature change easily between up and downstairs. I called our HVAC company as everything is still under warranty and explained the dilemma. I was told to open all vents upstairs and turn the thermostat on a few degrees lower and it should equal out. I woke up in the middle of the night and it was 78 degrees. It's very uncomfortable to sleep. I don't understand what else to do to make it equal throughout the house. We have a heat pump used to heat the house. We replaced the carpet downstairs with hardwood floors and the house is on a concrete slab and we thought maybe that's why it is cooler downstairs but I was told this shouldn't make a difference. We have a friend who lives around the corner from us with the same builder and he is in a bigger house than us and doesn't have these problems, his electric bill also has never gone over $175. Please help!! This is extremely frustrating. I understand heat rises but this is excessive. Any tips? Does my unit need to be serviced?

ANSWER: Hi Ally,

I just need some more info before I can help you. Do have 2 furnaces or just one? Can you get me the model # on the furnace and heat pump? I have seen this situation before and it can be fixed.

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Model Number
Model Number  
QUESTION: I thought that heat pumps didn't require furnaces? We have one heat pump with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit in the attic. Attached is the model number.

Ally, The unit in your attic is the furnace and the outdoor unit is your heat pump. The furnace has heat strips in it to help out the heat pump when outside temps get to low. You have 2 stats so that means you have a 2 zone system.

From what you described the zone for the upstairs is not working properly. I think what is happening is the upstairs zone is open all the time. So when the downstairs zone calls for heat it is heating the upstairs zone too. So with the heat rising up and the damper opened, it overheats the upstairs.

As for the HVAC company, they should have sent someone out to check out the system when you called. Not good business to to leave it to the HO. It is there responsibility to make the system work properly. If you are not comfortable in your home, that is their problem. Call them back and insist they send a tech to check out the upstairs zone.

Let me know what happens.

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