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On August 3, 2014 I replaced the entire heating and air-conditioning system in my house with an air temp 3 1/2 ton unit when the thermostat is in the off position and the fan on the thermostat is in the off position the furnace is makingA buzzing noise I was told this morning that it was the transformer however since the furnace was installed each time I use the plug outlet in the bathroom which is on breaker number eight and so is the furnace it blows the breaker why is my furnace buzzing it sounds like the transformer has electricity going through it and myElectric bill last month and nobody was there all month long was $115 when I had the service man at my house this morning because the unit is under warranty for parts and labor for year he told me that the transformer buzzing was normal how can this bewhen there is no electricity going to it so my question is is this normal for an air temp furnace

Transformers do buzz  at times for diffrent reasons but it's not normal and shoulden't be.
I can't tell what the proublem is from my location, keep after the installing company to fix it right, tell them your going to call your building department.

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