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I live in a double wide, our air went out so we changed the A coil and the outside unit, The new  outside unit was not a heat pump,  so know to heat the house we have to switch the thermostat to emergency heat,  With the old unit we didn't have to switch thermostat to emergency heat at that time emergency heat only kicked on to help,   MY QUESTION IS ,  IS IT SAFE TO RUN EMERGENCY HEAT ALL WINTER, if we only had electric heat would it not be the same thing, a red hot coil with air blowing over it.

A heat pump is an air conditioner that has the ability to reverse its flow  so that the inside coil warms instead of cools.
You can't heat a house comfortably with a heat pump alone if  the outside temperature is below say 40.
A heat pump saves a little money but it wont satisfy the thermostat and the electric heat will kick on regardless.  

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