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QUESTION: Maytag model PYET444AYW  serial 15830101GL
If timer is set to any timed dry it will heat and run and stop after that many minutes. If timer is set to any other setting it will heat and run without stopping. I can not find a similar complaint anywhere to know what part/parts to replace. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Jeff

ANSWER: Actually a few things can cause this....  1st is the operating thermostat part number 31001088.  This is located on the blower housing.  This is the only thermostat that cycles the heating element on and off during the dry cycles.  When in TIMED dry, the timer bypasses the two little wires attached to the center of this thermostat which advances the timer in auto dry cycles.  The two outer (heavier) wires connect the heating element and always turn the heating element on and off according to the temperature settings you have set.  When the dryer is satisfied with heat, the two outer wires open (thus closing the two inner wires).  This allows power to the timer motor to advance the timer dial while in auto dry settings.  I would suspect this item first but there are other possibilities which are more uncommon that we can go into later if this most common problem is not causing the timer not to advance in the auto dry cycles.  Check this and let me know what you find.  

Waiting to hear from you,
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QUESTION: I attempted to install the thermostat that you said to replace, but up on opening the top of the dryer I could not locate a part that matches the 1 you sent me. All of the thermostat looking parts that I could see only had 2 wires, the 1 I received has 4 terminals and 99% of the youtube videos that I watched showed taking the back panel off and replacing the part that you sent me. The dryer that I am working on has no removable back panel. The top is hinged to swing front to back and the front of the dryer is removable, both sides and the back are a single piece of sheet metal. I am in need of some detailed instructions to get this thing repaired.
Thanks Jeff

ANSWER: The videos you are watching are for Whirlpool build units.  If you read above....I said the item is located on the blower housing.  You must remove the front panel by lifting the top and then remove the two top screw on left and right sides from the inside and then pull the front panel toward to and lift.  Look staight down and on the lleft side is the blower housing and there is your thermostat.  If I can help further.....Eric  

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QUESTION: Thanks Eric, that was the extra little detail I was needing. Got the new part on but no change in the operating of the dryer. When set on TIMED DRY it is OK, when set on MORE DRY or LESS DRY it heats and runs till the door is opened (the dial does not advance) when set on WRINKLE FREE it will not turn on. What is your next suggestion?
Thanks, Jeff.

Open your control panel and in there you will see a control board for mositure.  Pull each connector off this control and then push them back on.  Remvoe the front of the dryer one more time and check to make sure the wires going to the two metal sensors in the dryer drum area are still connected. I have seen these fall off....

Let me know what you find.

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