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QUESTION: I have an older gas furnace in my home. I tried lighting it for the first time this year. The problem is when i light the pilot and turn the unit to the on position and turn the thermostat on the pilot goes out every time. I tried another thermocouple that wasn't new and its doing the same thing. What can be the problem?

ANSWER: Hello Hosie, To narrow this down a little bit, try lighting the pilot but don't turn on the stat. I want to see if the pilot will stay lit for say 10 min. Is this a standing pilot or is there a spark ignitor? Post the brand and model number and we can go from there.

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QUESTION: The furnace is a JOHNSON   Model# Has80AR      G27 for natural gas.
The pilot light is a standing

Hey Hosie, I don't come up with anything on that model#. Is the pilot light engulfing the thermocouple? I suspect that the tubing to the pilot might have a blockage. Remove the tubing and run a small wire though it. Also check where the tube connects to the valve and make sure there's no crud in there.

Let me know what happens.

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