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QUESTION: I have a GE under the sink ( spacemaker) dishwasher.  It is at least 10 years old.  The only serial I can see is 143c8354P7.
The problem is with the handle to lock the door closed.  I cannot close the handle by just sliding it to the right as supposed to.  I must open the door and manually push in a slot that seems to release the handle and then I can close it.  Other than that the machine works fine.

ANSWER: We can't search by serial number.  In order for us to provide you accurate information and supply you with the correct manufactures part numbers , we will need the complete model number, serial number and batch or series numbers (if applicable) found on a business card size metal/foil plate.  If you are having difficulty locating this identification label, follow this link which will take you to our Website where we have pictures of common locations where your model number ID label can be found.  Here is the link:  http://www.affordableappliance.com/Tips/modelnumbers.htm   Once you have the updated information, please reply to this email.  Eric Campion

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the info.  I found the model and serial numbers:
Model - GSM6836-01
Serial - UT745467B
Hope this clarifies so I can solve the issue

Ran your model number and I don't think it is correct.  I came up with GSM603G-01....  If correct, part number for a door latch is WD13X66 and your cost is 19.95 + shipping for this latch.  It is no longer available in new but I do have this item in good quality used for the price listed above.  Should you choose to order, follow this link to our website where you can scroll down and fill out the secure order form to process your order.  https://www.affordableappliance.com/orderform.php  If you have any problems, concerns or need further information, feel free to reply to this email or for Parts Order Only, call 570-622-6441.  Keep in mind ordering through us helps continue this free on-line help available for you and many others.  Help those that help you.  

Waiting to hear from you,
Eric & Ann Campion  

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