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I had someone out here a few months to add Freon, he said he wanted to test the heat-so he shorted out the unit outside to test the defrost and heat, instead of having me turn it on inside. I have a tempstar model t4h336gka200, heat pump unit. Today was the first day for heat here, so when it went into defrost, it made a funny noise, not the usual noise and then the fan stopped turning. So now the fan is not turning. Would you have an idea of what it could be? Blower motor is working, We also have heat strips or aux heat.
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ANSWER: I am not sure if you are actually having an issue or not.  I am surprise you are turning the heat on already in FL...

When heatpumps go into defrost it is normal for them to sound different.  It is also normal for the fan outside to shut off to allow the heat to stay on the coil for a complete defrost.  Once out of defrost, the fan is suppose to turn back on.  Doe the unit seem to be heating?  You can set the unit for cool and turn the temp down low enough to see if it works in cool mode too.


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QUESTION: Hi Craig, No the unit is not working and the compressor flips the breakers.
Thank you!

The tripping breaker could be any number of things.  It could be a simple wiring issue to a bad compressor.  There are tests and checks that need to be done to determine what is wrong and what it will take to fix it.  There is not much more I can do for you here.  A call to someone is the next step.  I doubt the test for the heat and defrost did anything.  


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