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QUESTION: Hello Eric,

I have a General Electric side-by-side fridge that is approximately 23 years old.  It still works just fine except for the past few years the 'auger' in my ice maker/dispenser keeps rusting.  I always thought these were made out of stainless steel so how could this be happening?  Were the older augers made out of some kind of composite metals?  I have cleaned the rust off repeatedly over the past few years but it keeps coming back.  Do you think it's time to replace the auger?  Or do you have to buy the complete ice drawer assembly?   


ANSWER: I may have a new augar for your unit.  can you supply me a model number so I can get a part number.  Over the years they do rust.  Cleaning never really stops it.  You would amost need to coat it with something that is really epoxy of some sort.  Never really tried it so I am not sure.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the reply!  My fridge is a GE Profile, Model # TFHB22R.  I have looked for the metal ice drawer parts but they come in several different pieces.  I'm not sure which ones I need.  It's hard to tell by the drawings they provide.  But all the metal parts have rust on them.

I also have another question, about my ice maker itself.  The "L" shaped metal arm that is supposed to turn off the ice maker when the bin gets will not stay in the upright position to turn off the ice maker.  Is there a trick to making it stay up?  It feels like it's spring loaded, so when I try to prop it up, it just snaps right back down.  I have looked for a switch or another gadget to turn it off, but I don't see anything.  Any suggestions?

ANSWER: The stop for your ice maker arm is inside the mechanism.  Pull the front cover and then the metal plate....See what is not allowing it to lock in the upwrds position.  You can either replace the augar or the complete ice bucket.  I have both if this is your interest.  Keep in mind...older units are much better than the new ones with all the electronic controls.    YOur thoughts?


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I think I will just get the entire ice bucket and dispenser assembly. I think it will be easier than trying to exchange the augar and metal parts.  Can you tell me how much it costs?  And do you accept PayPal or do you need a credit card number?  I can also send you a check.  However is best for you.   

I will try to get into the ice maker to see what is keeping the arm from locking into position.  Most of these parts are made of plastic, so if it is a plastic piece broken I may just have to live with it.  But I will check it out.   Thanks!

Part Number is WR17X4310 and I can sell you a new one for 139.00 + 10.00 shipping.  I accept paypal or all credit cards.  Not sure how to do the paypal thing as my business does not accept it here but I do have an ebay paypal account I am sure we can use.  I may be able to come up with a good quality used one but The augar my rust in the near future.  One cannot tell....  What did you find out with the ice maker arm?


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