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QUESTION: I have a gas powered steam boiler with a Honeywell thermostat model #TH6110D1005. My system does not seem to cycle enough. Is this thermostat proper for a steam system?

ANSWER: Hi Robert, yes that stat will work with your system. On the front of the stat press the up button and fan button at the same time,hold till you get the function page. On the left is the function number and on the right is the setting number. Go to function #5, it's probably set on 1 or 2. Increase this to 4. This will increase the CPH ( cycles per hour).

Let it run for a couple days and see if it helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks. Followed your instruction and the function #1 and setting #0 appeared. Of the 3 buttons on the bottom, I pressed the one on the right twice and the #5 appeared for both the function and setting. I hit done and they both went back to 1 & 0. On the right side my thermostat has an up arrow, a down arrow and a hold button. What am I doing wrong?

Hey Robert, Once you get to function number #5, you have to use the up and down buttons to move the setting. I looked at the Honeywell info again and it shows the setting should be number 1 for a steam system. To me that seems really low. But just for test purposes try setting it on number 1.

let me know what happens.

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