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I am having a problem with the furnace going into a Code 14 Ignition Lockout periodical, could be once a day or once a week. I've had our service tech. come to check the system number of times. He checked gas line pressure-OK, gas pressure to burners- OK, draft fan and drain tubes and box for debre and cleaned, adjusted position of igniter, cleaned flame sensor, all the checks listed with Code 34. The problem still occurs.          There have been a few times after I reset(turn off power) to the furnace that it lights OK, but when the main fan starts the flame shuts off. The fan continues to run until cooldown and then the draft fan, igniter and flame come on in normal sequence, flame stays lite until thermostat setting is reached.

If everything checks out I don,t know what to tell you with out seeing for myself?
You my need to replace the flame sensor?
Once the gas valve clicks on the ignighter has about one second to light the last burner which is on the other side, also if all the access panels are not in place in front of the burner opening a slight draft minght disturb the burner flame enough to make the flame sensor shut off.  

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