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I have a 2 story house and a Goodman heat pump model# GSH130361AA phase 1 unit and a Goodman heat pump/air conditioner section Model# ARUF364216AA hooked up to a Honeywell FocusPro 5000 Non-Programmable digital thermostat. I am wondering what the correct setting is supposed to be for the thermostat to be on. Ex System 1 setting 5 or such. It has been very cold here in VA the past few days but it seems like the upstairs is sweltering hot and the downstairs is always cold and the unit is almost always running. I have closed all the vents upstairs to try to get more hot air to pump out of the downstairs vents thinking that heat rises and it will warm the downstairs before rising up to the second floor. the thermostat is set with the settings I used as the example. Is that the correct setting and does my philosophy on the heat rising hold any water? Thank you in advance.

Damper adjustment
Damper adjustment  
Hi Joe, Your right about heat rising. The problem you run into by closing the vents upstairs is the furnace is designed to blow a certain amount of CFM. It's kinda like driving your car with your foot on the brakes. Your best bet would see if you can find the dampers that controls the air flow to each floor. It should look like this pic. In the winter slightly close the damper feeding upstairs. Then open the damper that feeds the first floor. Once you get it balanced the heat will cycle properly. Be sure to open the vents upstairs.

Let me know what happens.

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