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I am replacing my gas furnace and AC unit.  I have 3 quotes.
Amana system is a lot more and the York and Carrier are almost the same.  All the installation companies rated A+ by BBB.  I can't find anywhere that gives me a comparison of the two.  Does one have an advantage over the other?


My strong reccomendation here is to go back to whoever quoted you the Amana
price, and ask for a quote on a Goodman unit. Goodman is the private label manufacturer
for Amana, so you would be getting the same unit without paying a premium
for the "Amana" label!

Don'tbe disuaded by any contractor or salesman, the Goodman unit is the same as the Amana, it
even comes from the same factory in Houston (I know because I've been there and havr seen it with my own eyes). The quality will be the same; the price will be much less expensive.

If the contractor says he's not a Goodman dealer, go online to the Goodman website
and find one....it will be worth it.

Good luck!

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