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Hi Joe,
While getting ready to change my HVAC filter, I noticed the following:  In the ductwork after the filter, but before the air handler there was a lot of rust on the bottom and sides of the metal box (ductwork) which is on the floor.  I had noticed this last year, and scraped off as much as I could, and put a yoga mat on the bottom, where most of the rust was to help prevent it from blowing through my system and into my living space.  It seems to have gotten much worse.  Is this a serious problem that should get immediate attention?  I believe it must have started when there were times when there was water on the floor and it seeped inside.  Also, the humidifier is located above the air handler which is above this ductwork, which may have dripped or caused the rust by the humidity inside. Can you please shed some light on what I should do, and how serious a problem this may or may not be.
Thank you,
Mary Ann

Mary Ann,

Yes possible from the humidifier leaking , if you have central air ,your drain line may be partially plugged and the condensate water is overflowing out of your evaporator pan. If you have a wet / damp basement that would also contribute. Ductwork does not typically rot as it's made of galvanized metal.

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