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Hi there,
I have a ruud 90 furnace model #ugra - 09ezajs.  It has a pump attached to the outside and a clear tube where water is expelled (into the laundry tub on the opposite side of the basement).  It seems like quite a bit of water comes out, and surprise, surprise, the house is as dry as can be; way too dry to be comfortable.  Is there any way of adjusting how much water the furnace sucks out of the air?  I've looked inside the front of it, but all I see is a black tube coming off of the blower that leads into a small black cylinder (no markings on it) and from there, another black tube that leads to the pump (which is mounted to the outside of the furnace).  I'm assuming the pump is necessary to deal with the water being expelled, and will not actually change how much water the furnace is producing, so I have left it as is.  I know people add humidifiers to their heating systems, but I can't imaging hooking up a furnace humidifier makes any sense if my furnace is intentionally and actively de-humidifying the air.  Is there a way to adjust or even turn off the dehumidifier?

Hi Laura, What you have is a " Condensing Furnace". So the water your seeing going to the condensate pump is the condensation of the flue gas. So that water does not come from the inside of your house.

What makes the humidity drop in your house is the cooler air going into your furnace and being heated. There is no way to regulate the amount of condensation from the furnace. The small black cylinder is the condensate trap.

Your best bet is to install a whole house humidifier.

Hope this helps.  

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