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My Florida heatpump water to air unit  runs for about two minutes normally after being idle for a while and then shuts down the compressor while the airhandler continues. If I turn off  the thermostat and turn it on  it runs normally as long as it cycles frequently. I had the crankcase heater replaced a few years ago, the purpose of which is presumably to make less of a load on the compressor at startup.  I'm just wondering if the crankcase heater is the problem and will prevent early comporessor failure by replacing it if that is the cause?

Hi Clem, The purpose of a crankcase heater is to keep liquid from sitting in the compressor. If the compressor start with liquid in it you will hear some unusual noise's. Not good for the compressor.

From your description I wouldn"t think that it's a crankcase heater problem. Sounds like a high pressure switch is opening. This can be caused by several things. As I mentioned before make sure the loop pumps are running.

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