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My furnace is the original, about 30 years old. I think it is nearing the end, as it is getting noisy, and I have has the thermocoupler replaced twice, the last time just recently. The tech said that all the functions were in order, but a new one would be a good idea.
I am wondering if my recent health issues may be related to the air quality? During the last couple winters, I have been sneezing and coughing more often. I also feel more fatigued, and generally not as well as I do in the summer months.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Anything is possible with air quality and your health.  I would not thing the age of the unit is a factor unless it is venting flue gas into the home.  I highly suggest you install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.  A newer unit would likely use less fuel, and thus save you money.  The fuel savings could pay for itself rather quickly.  Do you have a humidifier in your home?  One of those might help out by not keeping the air so dry.  I know my wife seems to have more issues due to the dry air and has to sleep with a humidifier running when the heat runs a lot.  


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