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I live in an all electric home.  I have a wood stove that we use every night in Nov- March.  My forced air electrical furnace does not run from 5Pm - 2AM until the wood burner starts to go out and house cools then furnace kicks on.   My electric bill last year at this time was around $280 and it was very cold ( below zero several days).  Last month my electric bill for November was $170 which is normal as it was averaging about 40 degrees out.  This month we are having mild weather. in the 30's and 40's.  I open my electric bill yesterday and it was $450 and its not even cold out. I reviewed all bills side by side and what drastically changed is the usage.  I have been in this home for 20 years and never saw that amount used.  Nothing changed in our consumption.  HOWEVER, last month I had my ducts cleaned.  after cleaning, we heard a flutter noise and noticed our flow was way low, couldn't even hear the blower on.   Called the guy back and he said the blower motor switched to a low stage, he cleaned the contacts and now the blower is running ok.  Is it possible that something is still wrong with that blower causing the bills to escalate.  Everything seems to be running ok.  The guys told us that when a blower motor doesn't switch back on like ours didn't then it means it is going out.  I don't have further details but something drastically changed last month and this is the only thing that took place last month. Can a faulty blower motor still produce heat and airflow, sound OK cycle on and off as it should  but still cause the electricity usage to jump.

I can not say much about the furnace without knowing what kind it is.  There are many different types out there that work in different ways.  Having a fan run in low might cause the unit to run longer, but in theory it still going to put the same amount of heat into the space, just the temp coming out will be hotter.  

The biggest thing I see is the DUCT CLEANING.  It is possible they damaged the ducts and now you are dumping nice hot air into the attic and sucking cold air back into the home.  That will cause the usage to increase.    


Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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