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My girlfriend and I just attempted to install a honeywell programable thermostat. My girlfriend swears she knows how to do all this. PROBLEM...
I have a OLD propane heat furnace. I have a split system - single stage heat and cool. Right before the change of thermostat the system worked well. Just wanted to change to a programable thermostat.
Before, when I turned on the system - you could hear the lighting up of the heat exchangers and after a few minutes the fan would turn on. Now, the fan turns on the instant you turn the system on and the air is cold/cool and after 10 or 15 minutes just lukewarm. It never seems to get very warm.
I checked and the heat exchange does light up. No problem there. We had a new motor put in about 3 weeks ago. After 3 days still can not get a call through to honeywell.
I went and reread the book and it states if you Have a heat pump without auxiliary backup heat connect O or B. not both. (my system did not have an 0) If you Do NOT have a heat pump, do not connect B. Wrap bare end of wire with electrical tape. My friend connected B. Can this be causing my problem.
The next area that might be the problem. When my friend was done she tried to program the thermostat and got a bit frustrated and told me to read the book! I started trying and I may have screwed something up. It said if you have a single stage heat and cool system, once you hook up the wires you are done. The next page said if you have a heat pump - which I do not have...
I missed that page. I started to setup system for a heat pump.
It stated to enter system setup, press and hold both the arrow up and arrow down for 5 seconds. I did this. And it came up to a Function 1 and setting 0. I realized I was in the wrong place and left it there. The book states that Setting 0 is Heating and cooling: Gas, oil or electric heating with central air condo or heat pump without auxiliary/back-up heat
1 Heat pump with auxiliary/backup heat: Outside compressor provides both heating and cooling? HELP. Girlfriend nowhere to be found, husband ready to shoot me.

Caroline ,

Yes remove the b wire hook up at the thermostat only wire you really need to hook up is the G which is the blower fan, Y which is for the A/C if you have a Y 2. Do not use , you probably have to jumper R to RH or it may say RC to RH  ,if you have one transformer you probably need to hook up a jumper wire at the sub base R to RH .  W terminal is your heat . So you only need  R, G , Y ,W . Then you still need to configure so it should say something like gas heat /oil heat .,electric cooling . There may be a gas heat switch also somewhere on the sub base. You do not have aux. heat or a heat pump , so avoid configuring to those type system . Basically start from the beginning. Also the other ends of the thermostat wires need to hook to the same point at the furnace , so if you have the red wire at the sub base going to R it needs to go to R at the furnace , G color wire at the stat goes to G at the furnace . You also may have a C wire which is the common , I hook that up.  

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