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Hi, I had a Miller electric furnace installed with a 3 ton heat pump (Airtemp which is as well a Nordyene product) Model VT 48D-036K and AC installed approx  Sept 15, 2014.  after a month or so I noticed as I was in my garage near the outside unit that it  seemed louder  than usual and making a somewhat buzzing noise, as I approached it I looked down into the top of the unit and the 2 blade fan wasn't turning and it fogged my glasses over quick. My question is could it be in a defrosting stage or may there be a problem. It works normally or seems to work normally for a complete cycle then soon after that the  outside unit trys to  kick on again but the 2 blade fans does not turn and it starts its steamy heating up buzzing and dripping water around base of unit thing. after a given period of time it kicks off and  then will operate normally when the wall thermostat again calls for heat.
  The air handeler (Miller) is a E3EB-023H is uses 2 double pole breakers at 60 Amps each and only 1  will stay on the 2nd 60 amp breakers  throws and never  is on. So if the 2 60 amp breakers only operate the heat strips or  part of them, I was told that this has nothing to do with the outside unit,  I addition I have a 2012 Manufactured home right beside this older house and has similar system which is a smaller Intertherm (Nordyene) electric furnace with a 3 ton heat pump and AC which has a Coleman outside  unit. This new house system does not do this and the only time the outside unit operates is when the wall thermostat calls  for heat. Is there a problem with the buzzing , no fan, steamy dripping situation on the recently installed system?

Hi Kevin, I don't want to bore you to much going into a in depth description of defrost mode. So I will give you a very short description. Frost forms on coil, thermostat on the pipe drops below 32*. 30 min later unit goes into defrost mode. In defrost mode the fan stops, the compressor continues to run. Reversing valve switches to AC mode. At the end of defrost mode fan starts back up and R valve switches back to heat mode. By your description the heat pump is operating normally. Are you seeing any frost on the coil? There is an adjustment on the defrost module that can be set for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. This might have to be moved to 60 or 90 Min's.

Now the furnace seems to have a problem. If one of the 60 amp breakers is tripping there is a short on one of the heat strips. Be sure and leave this breaker off! Call the installers back out to check this out.

Let me know what happens.

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