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Hi, I am soon upgrading from a 25-year old Trane heat pump system to a Carrier Performance Series Single stage (model 25HCC524) heat pump with a Carrier performance series variable speed air handler.  The contractor is attempting to sell me a Carrier Edge Programmable Thermostat that lets you manage humidity, ventilation, airflow, etc for an extra $250.  I currently have a Lux Smart Temp TX9100E that doesn't seem to have all those bells and whistles (but it is programmable).  In your opinion, would it be worth upgrading to the Edge Thermostat with the new Carrier system?  Thank you!

Hello RL, I think you made a good decision on this system. When I put in a new system I like to change the stat that is made for that system. That way I know that the system is gong to perform up to spec's. Makes for a happier customer too. I have installed new system's and used the exiting stat, per the HO request. They can probably make your existing stat work with a few modification's. In your case I would go with the Edge stat. $250 is a good price for that stat.

Hope this helps.

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