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We own a 2400 high raised ranch home.  We just installed a new Trane gas furnace 2 stage variable  speed model #TUH2C100A9V4VB and a new Trane central air model #4TTR6036B1.   House was built in 1964 and the ducts were existing.     We have the NEST thermostat upstairs and a Honeywell thermostat on the first floor to control the temperatures on respective floors.  We had the existing damper reattached with a Honeywell actuator(?) which worked properly for a few short days then had to be replaced 3 times in the first month the fourth time it was disconnected and now (for a small fortune in gas bills) heat is by upstairs thermostat only heating whole house to get downstairs comfortable.   The company that installed the system claims the existing ducts are to blame for the damper breaking.   There is a back flow of air causing too much back pressure.   We paid them for the work but we have no damper and they are refusing to give us our money back.   What do you believe the problem is?   Is it incorrect products, incorrect installation, ducts, or is it the new furnace settings, etc.   Please help.   We just bought our home in October 2013 and we changed the furnace and central air to save on utility bills and now we are back at step one.   I tried talking to them but they keep saying the ducts are the problem but I am not buying it.   Please any feedback is appreciated.

I can say the existing ducts are not going to cause a damper to fail.   Something does not smell right with this.  I have an issue helping you, because I do not know why damper actuator is actually failing.  Can you disconnect the actuator from the damper and see if the damper moves freely?  Did they install an actuator with the proper torque rating to move the damper?  To me, is sounds as if this company doe not know how to fix the problem.  If there is an issue with the damper itself, then should at least be able to tell the damper is frozen and will have to be replaced.  I suggest you find another company to fix the problem and go from there.  You might need to sue them in court for the repair costs.  You should also file a complaint with the BBB.  I an pretty sure NY has a way for you to file a complaint against the company as well.  If you paid by credit card, I would call and dispute the charges that will in fact get them to do something.


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