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fan relay
fan relay  
Sears model 867.587240.  Furnace is 33 years old without any problems. I would say it is used weekly, not daily, for 7months per year.  I replaced the original thermostat (Sears #387.914901) with Honeywell RTH2300.(The thermostat has a red and a white wire only).  Do not know if that is relevant to problem or not,but after installation of thermostat the furnace fan will not shut off.  I did not discover this for two weeks as we left for vacation and its when we returned that I discovered it.  Subsequently I have tried everything to turn fan off. Fan stays on even when thermostat has been removed.

I replaced the fan relay (part# 604199)but that did not solve my problem.  The only way I can shut off fan is at the fuse panel.  When I trip the fuse panel on, the furnace fan starts immediately.  There is no delay as when controlled by thermostat. I do not think my problem is thermostat related, but that is why I am asking for help.  The furnace does heat when called to do so.  Otherwise it just blows cool air.  By chance I might have a faulty new relay but again I do not think that is the answer.  

Without your help, my next thought is limit switch.  There are (5)  160deg limit switches.  This seems to be an expensive optionx5 since I would not know which one to start with.  Hopefully I have given you enough details that you can help me. Thank you Pat

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