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kdgrayson wrote at 2014-02-27 05:41:15
If the freezer section makes ice and the ice is dry then there is no issue with the refrigeration system, I include the thermostat in that as well. The freezer is what cools the refrigerator box unless you have 2 evaporators which is not common. What controls the refrigerators section temperature is the dial that will not turn the compressor on or off that being the thermostat, usually a 1-10 or similar setting on a dial  10 being coldest.

The other dial I speak of also says colder on it, however it means colder freezer which throws everyone off.

What is typical is people peg them both fully cold and starve the refrigerator section, set the dial to warmer  which will actually make the freezer warmer but the refrigerator section cooler.  The thermostat actually controls the freezer box and the by product air that is allowed to migrate into the refrigerator section is what cools  the reefer box,  set both to middle and it should be good, as long as ice is dry!

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