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Due to the fact that my refrigerator is always too warm or too cold
,regardless of how much I fiddle with the control,I have decided to replace the temperature control.The problem is that is is a no name unit which has already had the control replaced(with a different type than the original).I measured the refrigerator and would like to know what I ask for when I go into the store.If they don't have an exact replacement will they be able to find something compatible?
This is the same brand and looks similar to my present control  .Thanks.

   There 2 styles of thermostat typically in small  refrigeration units . The thermostats basically look the same but the way the sensing bulb/capillarity tube mounts in the unit determines which to buy. An air sensing thermostat style sensing bulb is mounted where it senses the ambient temperature of the conditioned space . The other style senses the evaporator coil temperature which is much colder than ambient temp. The sensing bulb/capillary tube of this style is inserted into the evaporator coil , because of this the temp range of the thermostat is much colder .
 Look at the side of the thermostat you removed - you should have a temp range listed 34 to 55 degree would be air sensing , 15 to 20 degree range would be a coil sensing thermostat. Hope this helps .

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