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What should the voltage be going to the spark ignitor when it sparks? I hear sort of a crackling sound but I don't see a spark when it is called for, and the burners do not light. I want to know if it is the control board, or the ignitor itself. Could the ignitor go bad and send the spark to the ground ( unit ) instead of through the tips. It is ceramic insulated, so I was wondering if the ceramic could be cracked inside where I can't see the spark, or maybe not enough voltage to give enough spark? Everything else works as it should. I can light the burner with a flame when the gas valve opens for ignition, and everything works for that cycle. It just will not light from the spark ignitor. Unit is a model # PGE10B60D125A-2A.
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The spark ignition wiring can short to ground if its damaged or laying on the floor of the burner compartment. The voltage will be thousands and not practical to test this way.
You can remove the wire and hold near ground with pliers that are insulated.
The pilot assembly can be shorted however not common, inspect for damage, 9 of 10 times it is the ignition module,the rest is inexpensive. I replace with the module to insure no call backs.
You likely have a induced draft pressure switch that has a tube that connects the switch to the induced draft assembly so the pressure switch may sense the operation of the induced drat motor.
This tubing can collect condensation blocking the air flow if allowed to dip.
The barbed port on the induced draft assembly where the tubing connects for the pressure switch will obstruct with carbon and require reaming annually or nuisance lock outs are to be expected.
I use a paper clip or drill bit and insure it actually clears the port, the carbon is tough and it can fool you, try blowing through it.

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