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I have the Dependable Ninety-two furnace & it's only blowing out cold air. Can you please help?

Hi Janee, Just a little more info is needed. See if you can find the model number on the furnace.It would be something like GMNT060-3.

First thing to do is remove the top cover on the furnace so you can see the burner section. Have some one at the thermostat turn it up a couple of degrees to start the furnace. Watch what happens. Here is what should happen:

1. Combustion blower should start. This is located in the burner section. Most of them will be black and round with a PVC pipe connected to it.
2. With in 30 sec the ignitor should glow. This is located close to the burners.
3. Gas valve will open and you should get flame.
4. The blower should start.

The most common failure is the flame sensor. This is located near the ignitor. If you get flame and then it goes out 10 to 20 seconds later, this is an indication of a dirty or bad flame sensor.

Let me know.  

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