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QUESTION: i have  in door down draft electric furnuce the blower  motor  wont stay on  or  off  to  turn it  off  have to turn breaker off  and  it   blew  the motor   already   is  it wired wrong

ANSWER: Hi Jason, yes it could be wired wrong. There could be several things that could cause this to happen. It might be the fan relay is bad. Post the model number and I can help you.

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QUESTION: model no.  EB23B   serial no.W0H5770901  could  the blower motor be burned  out already

Hello Jason, How long ago did you change out the motor? Was a new capacitor installed? Check the top of the capacitor and see if it is popped up. If it is, it needs to be replaced.

I see you are in Texas, so I assume the stat is in A/C mode. When the fan is running and won't shut off, remove the stat. If the fan keeps running the fan relay is bad. If it shuts down the stat is bad.

Let me know what happens.  

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