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top grid panel
top grid panel  
 Apologies if this is a silly question. I just moved into a modular home, and can't figure out where the air filter goes- it's different than I'm used to.

I first figured that the filter would go behind the top panel that is a grill just like my previous home- Only problem is that theres not any space to put it. I tried flattening out the filter (using the cheap cardboard kind) against the cut out and sort of pinning it in place with the grill cover, but it just gets sucked against the coils (and just does not seem right.) Only thing i can possibly think of is that it would insert into the grill panel before being placed on the wall?

If that's the case, It'd have to be a special filter that i've never seen in any store!

The brand is interterm. I can take additional pictures if needed. Thanks for your time!


Yours looks to be a down flow model, meaning your supply registers are on the floor, if so yes the top louver red grille is where the filter would slide into. Chances are you do not have a standard size fitter and you can buy a larger standard size pleated filter and cut to fit, you can also buy an exact custom filter ( probably costing you double or triple the price ,due to yours being a odd size ) via Internet paying for shipping also. Do not use the fiberglass but a pleated filter, they are more ridged . I would personally buy a standard larger filter and cut as needed. What is the white grille to the left of the blower section mounted on the wall , a supply register ?  ( can barely be seen in top photo you sent )  

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