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Hello, I have an Armstrong Air 1000 central air system. The blower inside the house comes on but the outside unit does nothing. No hum, no life at all. I have pulled the fuse and doesn't seem to be a problem (doesn't look burnt). Thermostat inside seems to be ok and inside unit will put out hot air.Unit worked fine last summer. Any suggestions?


Have someone turn on A/C while your outside by the unit, if you do not heat the compressor contactor pull in , ( may take upwards of 5 minutes to pull in if you have a time delay ) then you may have a limit switch that opened, such as a low pressure switch. You can remove access cap on the copper line set , and push in on the schrader valve to see if there is refrigerant in your unit. You can also ohm out the fuses to check, but you have two power sources at the outdoor unit. Even if your fuses are good and you have the proper line voltage 220volt, you probably do not have 24 volts ac feeding the compressor contactor to pull it in, due to a low pressure switch or if you have a manual resettable high pressure switch. You can also jumper R to Y to G at the thermostat to bypass the thermostat. Call for service is next step

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