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I live in a warm valley of southern California. We just moved into a new 2-story home built in 2005. I assume the house is fairly energy efficient already given the newer construction. However, there is only a single A/C unit for the whole house, and the thermostat is located downstairs. Where this becomes a problem is when warm weather hits, the upstairs is at least 8 degrees warmer than the downstairs. However, since the thermostat is located downstairs and it reads off of that temperature, we would have to make it freezing downstairs in order for the upstairs to be comfortable. I am trying to figure out what I can do to resolve this problem, short of installing an entirely separate A/C unit outside dedicated for the upstairs. That would be just too expensive for us.

Do you have any suggestions on fixes for this problem? I was wondering if it is possible to keep just the single A/C unit already installed but have a separate thermostat installed upstairs? In essence, it would act as a split A/C while utilizing just one A/C unit. Is this possible? If so, is this costly to have done? I appreciate your time and feedback on this. Thank-you.

       Your problem is pretty common. A zoning system would help solve your problem although not a cheap solution . A  zoning system has dampers in your duct work system that direct air flow where needed to maintain temperature desired . There would be a sensor installed in every area you wish to control . For example - the unit would sense your upstairs warmer. Your ac would cycle on , the damper in the upstairs area would open fully directing most of the conditioned air upstairs . The down stairs zone would be mostly closed with any excess air being re directed if needed back through the system return . Another solution may be a  ductless mini split system . Although it is another ac system installed they are relatively cheap , very efficient , and are great for cooling specific areas.Hope this helps .


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