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Hello and good day, Marcus.

I asked an expert about a year ago because the compressor on my Whirlpool fridge started making a loud shaking sound when it goes off. He said it was because one of the mounts broke with no safety issues. It has been doing well but last night it sounded like someone kicked the refrigerator. Now the compressor has a louder low humming sound and when the compressor goes off, the shaking sound is quite reduced. The low humming sound is quite loud and annoying but it cools very well and the grill in the rear dissipates heat as normal. What do you think happened and is there any danger posed by the loud humming? Thank you so much.

    Its never a good sign when your compressor starts shaking . I don't believe there is necessarily any danger . I do think you will need a compressor in the near future . You compressor is just a little electric pump with a cylinder , rod and valves . I suspect the cylinder or rod is damaged and unbalanced causing the compressor to shake . If the resistance gets to great the compressor will cycle off on an internal overload . Hope this helps
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