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I'm interested in buying a 13- or 14-SEER 4-ton AC.  The contractors I've contacted have recommended either Maytag or Amana, based mainly on their warranties.

I did some searching online and found at least three sites, that discuss a class action lawsuit against Goodman/Amana for selling defective ACs and also not honoring their warranties.

This does not give me any confidence in Amana (or the companies that recommended Amana ACs).  I'm strongly leaning toward the Maytag and the company that recommended it.  Do you have any comments about Maytag vs. Amana?



Hi Ray, Sorry to say I haven't seen any Maytag AC in my area, but it's certainly a major brand. So I would have no problem having one in my house. I have been installing Goodman for 4 years now with no call backs.

In general all the manufacturers are about the same. Most use the same compresser and parts. The most important thing is the installer. Try going to hvac-talk.com and use the locater map. These are some of the best tech guys I have been around.

Let me know what happens.

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