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Good morning Joe,

I have a Goodman Air Handler Mod A32-10, S/N 98085-60921 from approx. 1999.  I'm having a problem and I'm hoping you can tell me which part is most likely in need of replacement.  The unit worked perfectly until a couple of nights ago, since then it does not blow any air.  Yesterday I disconnected the power, jiggled the wires and connected the power again and the air handler started working.

Unfortunately it was no longer working the following morning so  I disconnected the power again, took the side panel off and tapped a few things with a screwdriver handle and once the power was connected the unit came back on and started blowing air.  After searching the Internet I am not sure which part I should replace.  Can you provide a few "most likely" parts for replacement along with the correct part numbers?

Thank you!


If your blower motor is not binding up and if you free spin the blower wheel and it turns many revolution before it stops chances are your motor is OK, to me it's either your blower relay or possible your run capacitor, you can directly jump the G wire and the R wire at the air handler the blower should start every time , I found an old wiring diagram ( not 100% sure it's like yours ) but you would need to jump the green wire which is G and the Pink wire which is R .  Yours looks to be a time delay relay . If you do not have a electric heater element, you can buy a standard 24 volt coil with a normally open and a set of normally closed contacts and hook up accordingly to the wiring diagram, the contacts are the high voltage side. Tighten all electrical connections, replace any loose fitting wire stake on that hook to relays. Both parts mentioned are minimal cost, if your not electrically inclined ,and do not understand electrical theory suggest calling for service.

Heating, Air Conditioning, Fridge, HVAC

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