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I have a Goodman Heat Pump PHK024-1 purchased in July 2004.  It has been a good unit until lately.  Live in a small mobile home and it is not cooling as it should.  I have had three technicians out and not getting anywhere.  I am thinking I should replace it.  Should I replace with another Goodman?  Live in AZ and like today, it is 108 outside.  I set my thermostat to 78 and right now it is reading 81. The last tech cleaned it, checked what he could.  He removed pleated filter from return, tested system, etc.  At this point in time, I feel I am spending good money but getting nothing for it.  I would appreciate your response so I can better decide what I should do.  Thanks so much.  If you suggest I replace this unit, what size do you suggest?

Hi Diane, I would not replace a 10 year old unit, unless the compressor was burned out. It sounds like you haven't found a good Tech. What did he say was wrong with it? Did he leave you info on what he did?

There could be many causes why it's not cooling. Is the fan running on the outside unit. Have you seen any frost on the copper lines inside or outside?  

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