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I have a central air conditioning system with 2 zones. One zone controls the upstairs bedrooms and that works great. The other zone controls the main floor and also has vents going to my basement. The main floor cools fine, but very little air gets to the basement and it is too hot in the summer. We discussed this with an HVAC guy several years ago, and as I recall he said there is little that you can do to get air downstairs. Do you have any ideas? I was thinking of putting in a portable unit (I can't use a window unit because we have bars on the outside of the windows that won't provide enough room for the window unit to stick out). The reviews of the portable units aren't great though. Thanks.

You have a quite and issue and it has to be worked out from the beginning.  There are is an important issue here before you can really do to much.  Is the unit that is installed in your home big enough to provide enough air for the entire house.  Sometimes basements and bonus rooms are added later, without considering the size of the existing system.  Is the duct work that supplies air to the basement/downstairs big enough?  

If the unit is not big enough, then more cooling is going to have to be added. If the basement is one big room, then consider a mini split/ductless unit.  That will be far better then a portable unit.  If it is split in two then you can have a 2 zone mini split system installed.

If the existing unit is big enough and the duct is not or can't be made bigger, then is might be possible to install a duct booster fan to force more air to the basement.

You can do a Google search to see what I am talking about.


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