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We'd like to install a 5000 BTU AC unit in our bedroom window.  There's only one
window, it's a slider, w/max width of 21.5".  I find many units whose actual
width is smaller, but all of them say the minimum window width is 23".  

Question - does this minimum also include the pleats?  If I don't use them, or
only use on one side, can I use a unit that is, say, 16" wide but says minimum
window width is 23"?
Many thanks for your help.

are you talking a refrigerated air conditioner?
I don't know what the minimum window width thing your talking about is?
with a refrigerated unit the louvers on the sides/ rear need to be on the outside and unobstructed for several inches 6,7, 8, or more inche, if the front of the unit fits in the opening there is no minimum?

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