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Hi Marcus!  Came home today and switched on my central AC.  I heard a swish noise, then... Silence.  I checked the circuit breaker. It looked like the circuit breaker was fine, but I switched it on and off.  The system is working fine now.  Why would the breaker look ok but not be.  Is there anything else I should do at this point?  Thanks so much!!!

     A couple of things may have happened . Higher end units ( this may or may not apply to you ) often have circuit boards that will lock the unit off line if a fault condition is present . A fault can be anything from a hi or low pressure reading or loss of voltage etc . You resetting the breaker may have in inadvertently reset the board - so the unit will run , but can go off line if fault is present again . If you have a heat pump the swish noise you heard may have been the reversing valve in your condenser energizing and a shift of refrigerant in your condensing unit . This could cause a temporary high head pressure situation if the valve hung up and shift completely . This is all speculation - ultimately just monitor your unit to see if occurs again - if it repeats I would call a service company to check it out . Hope this helps a little .

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