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QUESTION: AC Compressor Model #:  RAPM-030JEZ
Honeywell Thermostat:   TH6220D1028

I had a new Rheem A/C and Heating System installed last July.  The heater is great.  The A/C is poor.  I have had the installer out numerous times complaining that it is just not cooling enough.

The output of air at the ceiling vents is about 65-70 degrees and on hot days it is even up to 75 degrees.  They tell me that is normal.

This system is just not cooling enough.  I set it to the high 70's and it hardly ever reaches the temp, and if it does it is only late at night.  I also have two fans going.  When it goes off it feels muggy too.

Also, the Honeywell thermostat drives me crazy.  It goes off and then about 10 seconds later comes on again.  The temp is set at 78 degrees and it comes on at 78 degrees and runs and runs continuously.  I get tired of hearing it run and shut it off.  Then it gets hot and I have to turn it on.  They tell me nothing can be done to prevent it from coming on when it is at the requested temp.

I get the feeling they are in cahoots with PG&E.  I was told it would save me money but my bill is over $100 still; and I am not even comfortable.


ANSWER: To start with, I would be happy with a bill over $100.  My power bill runs in the mid 220's this time of year.

It is hard for me to determine what is wrong, if anything.  I can tell you that normally there is a 15-20 drop in air temp.  The measurement needs to be taken at the air handler, and it needs to run for a few minutes to be accurate.  It might be worth while to call someone else out to check your system and give is a good check.  Have them check the thermostat settings to make sure it was set up properly.      

Have you had your ducts checked for leaks?  I know there are programs out there offered by power companies and the like to test the ducts and other things in your house to improve power usage.  The tests are normally low cost and they might even help pay for repairs or improvements.


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Thanks for your answer to my question

I misquoted my PG&E bill.  The actual bill was $208.  I get a Care Discount which brought it down to $112.  Today it has be 82 degrees outside and the AC has been running all day.  When I checked the thermostat, it said the temp was 76 and I had it set for 76.  The unit did not shut off when it reached 76 it just continued to run.  Shouldn't the unit turn off when it reaches the set temp?

The temp coming out of the register has been 70 degrees.  Is this really adequate to cool the house.  They tell me that the new chemical used just doesn't work as well as the old refrigerant and doesn't get as cool as the old Freon.

When the unit was installed they checked for leaks in the vents and said they were fine.  The last time they came they gave me an estimate of $2,600 for R-6 Insulation and $3,200 for R-8 for a new JP Lamborn Wireflex duct system.

I am somewhat reluctant to have the new duct work done considering the poor performance I feel this unit is providing.

Can you tell me what determines the temperature of the air the unit puts out.  The closet the units sits in is not closed off from the attic and is very hot.

Thanks again for your help.


The air coming out should be 15-20 cooler then the air going in.  Assuming the house is 76 and it is only drawing in house temp air, then it should be 55-60 coming out. If the air was truly coming out at 70, that would not be enough to cool your home.  

It is also normal for the unit to keep running even if the stat says it is at set point.  You can not see it, but it may not be at 76.  It could be at 76.8.  The stats are designed to run the unit longer.  The longer the unit runs, the better is dehumidifies.  The stat also has a built in over under to maintain the room temp.  

The units were designed to work with the new refrigerant and therefore will give the same results at the older stuff.  

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