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Hi Marcus,

I'm in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Little I know about A/C is that of the 2 copper thin tubes that transport the gas from the compressor to the inside unit, one of them (usually the one that's not insulated) should be hot to the touch.. the hotter the better :-)

My A/C cools fine, but the tube in question is not hot. I wonder if it runs too long from outside to where the blower unit is (17 ft). The insulation seems to be fine on the other tube, and the insulation outside runs from the wall to the compressor unit and it's in good contition. What may cause the non-insulated tube not to be hot?

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     The 2 copper lines - the large insulated line is called the suction line , the smaller line is the liquid line. Actually if the liquid line is hot to the touch it is a bad sign . It indicates heat is not being rejected from the refrigerant in the system - the whole purpose of your ac system . A couple of things that can make the liquid line hot ( again not desirable ) are a dirty condenser coil  - the outside portion of your unit. Deteriorated condenser coil , both reduce the systems ability to reject the heat out of the refrigerant .

         Hope this helps

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