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I have a 3.5 ton Goodman condenser and a 5 ton Goodman horizontal evaporator.  My house is 1,900 sq.ft.  Even when the units were new, on a hot day (in Texas) I could not get the temperature in the house to go below 82 degrees.  Is this due to the mismatch in size (3.5 tons and 5 tons) or should I look into something else?


        Its unusual to have such a discrepancy in size between the condenser and the air handler . You commonly see maybe a half ton difference depending on the efficiency of the unit but not a ton and a half . This doesn't mean it couldn't ultimately work but adjustments would have to be made ( refrigerant valve, refrigerant charge , duct work sizing ) I definitely would be suspect of the installation of the unit . It could be a number of things such as open duct work in attic , poor insulation in general etc. . Call a service company out . They should be able to pin point the problem pretty quick .
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