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I'm in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Little I know about A/C is that of the 2 copper thin tubes that transport the gas from the compressor to the inside unit, one of them (usually the one that's not insulated) should be hot to the touch.. the hotter the better :-)

My A/C cools fine, but the tube in question is not hot. I wonder if it runs too long from outside to where the blower unit is (17 ft). The insulation seems to be fine on the other tube, and the insulation outside runs from the wall to the compressor unit and it's in good contition. What may cause the non-insulated tube not to be hot?

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ANSWER: The larger of the two lines shuld be very cold just as it enters the condensing unit outside....does it?  If  it does sweat, freon levels are normally good.  


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Yes, the insulated line "sweats" where it enters the outside unit

If it is sweating, the freon level is fine.  I would be checking other things like spped of blower motor, blocked filter or evaporator and condensing coils....  HAve they been cleaned lately?

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