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new shop 900 sq ft
new shop 900 sq ft  
Marcus, I have installed many units of my own and understand them very well, not at expert level by no means. Last year I had my first experience installing my 5 ton heat pump system and it is operating by the numbers. I did extensive calcs. Now I am installing a new 2 ton Goodman system in a new 900 sq. ft. shop that I built myself, no subs or helpers. As I live in texas I ordered the system without heat strip/strips and don't want them. I know the def. cycle is going to pump cold air during def. mode, no problem, I'll walk 15' to the house if I get too cold(I love the cold thou). I understand how to wire the system, AH, HP THERMo, but the problem I have run in to is the new AH arrived as I ordered it with the green and red wires twisted together. Is this because there is no need for a delay start and/or stop? Will this configuration be wire to RC or G on thermo? Notice in the picture they are the only wires striped, think this was a mistake by goodman? thank you for ANY help in relieving my confusion.

    First - awesome shop ,I'm jealous . You are correct , the red and green wire should not be twisted together . They will pick up voltage individually . In your situation the red ( power from t-stat ) blue ( common ) green ( fan ) is all you need to wire . The white and brown are both used if you had a heat strip - you don't so just cap them off. If you wired as the pic shows the air handler would never shut off. Hope this helps

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