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I did have a huge data sheet on my new shop and system but the site kicks it back saying it is too long and involved. So, I'll try and shorten the question to get it through the system. I just finished building, by myself, no subs or help(not bad for 60 y.o.) a 22x38 shop at my house. Has 8' ceiling. No division walls or plan to have. Also has 4 windows, service door and two insulated garage doors. Bought 2 ton all electric Goodman heat pump/ac split system I am going to install. I have installed systems before but have no clue on duct work and would just like to get on with install. So, can you give me a starting point on size, placement and number of supply and return ducts? Thank you very much for any time you might have to spare for this question. Ron

Return grille: 20x20 H&C #672 (in a plenum base w/ unit in upflow configuration?).

Supply main: 16x8, reducing to 12x8 after four registers. Route the main along the center of the 38' dimension. Do provide a low resistance elbow from vertical to horizontal (radius heel AND THROAT or mitered w/ vanes). You'll need a 12" long transition from unit outlet to 16x8, have it made in a local shop. I'd insulate the duct with R4 "bubble wrap" to guard against condensation.

Supply registers: 12x4 H&C #682, eight required (four on each side of the duct); provide "sleeves" so the dampers don't protrude into the duct.

This arrangement will have very little resistance to flow, so you should set for the lowest fan speed.

Good luck!

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