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Hello and thanks for taking my question.  I live in Florida and I rent my house.  House was built in 2005.  I think there is nothing wrong but I want to double check this out before I have to call some one.  I have it set for 77 and it is fine.  During these very hot days it goes up to 80 and the unit is not bringing it down until the sun goes down and it gets dark.  So what I mean is it is working constantly to bring it to 77 during the day.  Does that sound like it is broken?  As I said once the heat of the day is gone it definitely starts to drop to 77.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. Of course I mean I have a compressor outside.

Hello Barbara,
         If your unit is properly sized , it sounds like it is likely just operating inefficiently at this point . Dirty equipment , system slightly low on refrigerant , dirty filter , issues with your duct work can all contribute to this . Also lack of insulation in your attic space can give you the same situation . I definitely would call a ac service company to check it out . The cost of the repair could pay for itself with the increased energy savings of a properly operating system . Hope this helps.

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