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Justin wrote at 2014-08-12 18:12:17
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Subject:   Refridgerator not cooling again

Question:   QUESTION: I have an old school Kenmore, 20 Porcelain Plus, that started not cooling about 1.5 years ago.  So i pulled it out and started looking for problems.  Noted that the condensor fan wasnt running so I placed a box fan in the back and the fridge immediately improved.

Ordered a new condensor fan online and installed it and that fixed the problem.

about 13-14 months later, condensor fan is not turning again and box fan placed behind the fridge improves it.  What gives, motor out again?  If so, what can I do to prevent it from going out?  Circuit board out?  

Thanks for any help.


ANSWER: Justin,

You may want to physically clean the blades and remove lint accumulation on the motor and shaft  yearly as a preventive maintain ce, also you my want to consideration heavier grade motor HP wise. A beefier motor.

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QUESTION: Thank, the blades and cooling coils are clean as I cleaned them myself.  How do I determine if the fan is out again and it is not a circuit board or electricity to the fan?

ANSWER: Justin,

You would need a voltage tester and hook to the two wires going to the motor if you have 120 volt the motoris bad ,if not you need to backtrack to see where your losing the voltage. Ok at the wrong diagram. If you do not have a voltage tether , remove motor and sick the two bare wire ends in a socket or use a extentiion cord stick the two bare wires in the female ends and you pug in the male end in a socket.

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QUESTION: Checked the voltage to the fan via the wires coming out of the van and got zero.

Next step.  Didn't understand next step after checking voltage?



Answer:   Justin,

If you got no power feeding the fan you would need to see where those two wires go ,look at wiring diagram. Basically anytime the compressor runs the fan runs, worst case wire the motor in parallel with the compressor. Ohm out the two wires going to the motor to make sure there is not a break in the wire. Look at a basic wiring diagram on line and wire the motor according to the diagram, all you need to do is wire it in parallel with the compressor. You can also ask Eric C he specializes in domestic appliances.

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