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Marcus, It is very difficult keeping our home under 76 degrees in the Texas summers. We've tried higher BTUs, new ductwork, more insulation. I'm sure part of the problem is cathedral ceilings. In the 20 years we've lived here, I've explained to my wife that changing the thermostat from 74 to 64 won't make a bit of difference if the temperature doesn't go below 76 and AC stays on continuously. She seems to think setting the thermostat at a lower temperature will cause colder air to blow. What can I say to clear the air and avoid our annual debate? Thanks for your time.

   Assuming you have a standard single stage ac ( its what most people have )  then you are correct . When your ac comes on it is operating at 100% capacity . Your thermostat is basically just a heat sensitive switch , it simply cycles the unit based on its set point .... But you still may benefit from a slightly lower set point ( even though your temp remain constant ) because more humidity can be removed from your house . The only way to remove humidity is to condense it on your systems cold evaporator coil . Humidity is a big factor on your perceived comfort level . Hope this helps

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